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Behind it All – the Mad Drummer

Jan 9, 2022

Continuing with the Rogue Swan posts from the Christmas show at the Vandiver – holidays did leave me a bit behind on these. I’m opening with three images of JimmyO on drums. Almost impossible to get him during the actual show – after all, he’s behind it all. And last show I missed rehearsal so he got missed completely. These are from the rehearsal the night before, with a few noted adjustments.

While my favorite was the opening image, it had a boom mic prominently running through his head and out the other side. Sort of put a damper on the effect. So I eliminated it – lots of fun. Other wise it’s pretty straight – well, there is the double-raw conversion process I use on iso 12,800 exposures. The particularly harsh lighting, what there was of it, helps more than hurts.

The following two in the set screamed for a little vignetting, as well as the bow in the final shot absolutely demanding to be removed – as it adorned JimmyO’s head as if he were wearing it. Cute, but…

Finally a shot of Katie and Nate rehearsing their duet. I posted the show version already, but like this one a lot more. It had it’s own issues in that it had to be cropped down to one third of the exposure. And on top of the iso 12,800 exposure, it present something of a challenge, and can certainly never be printed large.

Added to the Rogue Christmas show folio HERE(larger, etc.)

Speaking of printing – after 7 months of waiting, I finally have my new printer. Yay. I’ll be about a week getting it set up and running – first thing is to get a couple of strong guys to get it upstairs for me (we did manage to get it in the side door into Nan’s studio, where it sits).