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Rogue's Katie Gordon

Jan 14, 2022

Well, what with it being back to a semi-lockdown situation, it’s a good thing I have more than enough images backed up to work on. Plus I’m just beginning set-up on the new printer. More on that soon. So just Katie this time, from the Christmas show. Then still a few fun shots to work on. Gotta love the Whoville hair!

The intro and subsequent image are the two that I narrowed it down to – so difficult that it took taking a couple of others through the first half dozen steps in order to be able to finally choose. This second one shows Katie belting one out, like only she can do.

The last two images show Katie having a little fun with the performance. Like with the more serious shots, there were more – these stood out to me. Rogue has the color jpegs (and yes, if asked, I can work up one or more shots in color from the raw).

Added to the Christmas show folio HERE

Printer note: I finished converting my old Epson 7800 floor stand for mounting the P5000 just in time. Two strong friends showed up to carry the114 lb, 30x34x16(tall)  beast upstiars. Awkward. It’s on wheels now! Then I spent the next couple of hours getting it set up and running. Soon, very soon, I’ll begin running tests. New printer, new ink system, new papers and my decidion to move to a printer-driver dominated rather than Photoshop-profile controlled system. Should be like trading in an automatic transmission for a straight shift and clutch – ultimately more control, if a little jumpy at first.