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The Guys from the Christmas Show

Jan 11, 2022

Continuing with images from the Rogue Christmas show at the Vandiver. This round is, in order, the guys: Brian, Jess, Joseph, and Alex. Yes, more iso 12,800 efforts, though a tad easier as singles to keep in focus shooting wide open. The opening singing-portrait is of Brian – where does one find a sports jacket like that? I’m definitely jealous. The first shot below is also of Brian, a little less animated.

The big issue with these was selecting one exposure from many. For that I had Nan to help – if she agreed, I could go ahead, if not, I’d take a second look. Four crooners for the Christmas show, covering a wide range of music. Rogue Swan is one of the best things to happen to Havre de Grace. The big surprise for me was Alex – who knew his voice could go low enough to sing the Grinch song like that, possibly the coolest moment of the show. Next posting – the ladies…

These have been added to the Rogue folios HERE, larger, downloadable, etc.