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Two Triptychs from Rogue Swan Vaudeville Cabaret 2018 – as I review and expand folios…

Jan 31, 2022

My last blog posting announced an update to the folio galleries on the site – along with some ongoing updates on those with extreme iso. These came out of the first Rogue Swan performance at the Opera House, in 2018. It was a backlit, dressing behind a screen skit. I didn’t know what to do with them until I noticed that they fell into two sequences of three.

Not many redone and or added yet to the Vaudeville Cabaret gallery, but these are there, HERE

Most of the update work simply cleaned up the folio galleries – albeit still with the software flaw with missiong arrows (replaced by squares) for the expanded views. But the 2017 Wind-Up-Toy Gallery did get expanded quite a bit – HERE… with images using my imporved work-flow for extreme iso exposures: