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Yay, Finishing up with Rogue's Christmas Show Images – lots here…

Jan 19, 2022

I’m using this posting to finish with the last of the images from Rogue Swan’s Christmas show at the Vandiver. As always, it was quite a show, sold out and providing of some nice shots. At the same time it was the last of four shows that presented a consistent challenge – photographing live action at iso 12,800. I ended up with a totally different work-flow from what I began with. While I’ll leave the images from the first couple of performances as they are here, any further work on them will elicit use of my new process. It has been quite an experience, with a lot of trial-and-error, etc. One takeaway is that I no longer break into a sweat if facing an extremely high iso situation.

This is a huge posting, eleven images in all. It consists of a number of exposures of dancing at the show. Most are of cast members taking to the floor with one another or special guests. It’s a more personal collection of images – opening, above, with Katie and Joseph. Next, the main body of the images, James showed up with his whole family. So I tried to make sure everything was covered:

Joseph also danced with both his mother and grandmother – now that’s cool:

Then Caleb, another cast member, dancing with his mother (hey, it’s Christmas) and Scott, on keyboard for this show, dancing with his wife – one can only guess what they were talking about that generated this look:

Finally, I have no idea who these two kids are, but they were very cute dancing on the far side of the floor:

Again, all of these have been added to the Rogue Christmas show folio HERE, where they are larger, somehow a little snappier and downloadable. Sorry it took so long to finish these.

In conclusion I should add that the four Rogue Swan shows at the Vandiver forced me into new territory – shooting everything at iso 12,800. Combining this with slowing my shutter speed down to 1/200 instead of the 1/250 I prefer with the lens I use for performance images, things got a little tricky. I’m still putting the finishing touches on my work-flow for these images.