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April in the Soup – Nate as wolfman and Chain Saw Guy

Oct 31, 2022

One of the coolest skit in Silver Scream is when three witches are enjoing themselves cooking themselves up a pot of April. I got lots of exposures – doing up these three. I should mention, lighting was not going to be ready for prime time until show night. I quietlu suffered the indignity of exposures ranging from ISO 12,800 to (about a third of them) an insane 51,200. I would estimate that the work-load doubles right along with the ISO for every stop above 6400. Since this isn’t the Opera House, there is no opportunity to shoot the actual show, dress rehearsal images will just have to suffice.

The skit begins with the witches singing, dancing and screeching. Then when April’s hand comes up, followed by her head, many in the audience are surprised.

The next shot is of Nate playing the Wolf-Man, leaving a stage full of dead/undead to rise again in his wake:

At the last second here I finished one of Nate as Chain Saw guy and his “Girlfriend" (Katie Gordon):

As I add final rehearsal shots to the folio, I’ll try to identify the number they came from – HERE