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Moonshine Autumn Bellydance Gala – Kalayla

Oct 12, 2022

Kalayla, who we’ve been fortunate enough to see a few times, was the first dancer to take the stage. She’s a very active performer, so I try to catch her at points where at least something is still enough to be sharp. In both of these you can see the hair flying. While a faster shutter freezes action, a somewhat not-quite-fast-enough shutter conveys something of the effect. I’ve gotten away with as slow as 1/30 second with shots that have worked. These were at 1/250 and still show the action.

Kalayla is fun to watch because, besides being good, can be seen to really be enjoying herself – she’s been known to introduce a little humor into her performances. I uploaded a number of color exposures for her use – these are the two that I saw in b&w.m The background was, to be kind, something of a disappointment, so I did my best to overdcome that obstacle – e dark stage works so much better with bellydance – or a dark curtain.

Added to the front of the Bellydance folio HERE