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Nailing the Lift and Alex & Stephanie

Oct 5, 2022

Above the first in a series of shots showing early rehearsal of an important, and tricky, lift sequence. Below are the next two. It can be a little daunting that, with the overhead lighting, faces tend to be heavily shadowed, almost all needing isolated, special treatment to bring them out. Stage lighting it is not. One thing helping this year, for rehearsals anyway, is the 16-80mm lens (26-120 equivalent). Wide angle to telephoto lenses, especially those that can hold the same maximum aperture throughout the zoom can be extremely handy under these conditions – in spite of some trade-offs. It has also become my go-to First Friday lens.

Two shots from a scene with Alex and Stephanie. Alex getting a feel for his special hand extensions – not the easiest things in the world to get on and off.

In the Rogue Silver Scream rehearsal folio HERE