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Silver Scream – I have to do what?

Oct 23, 2022

What with the hectic rehearsal schedule, and timing demands on providing cast portraits for the program, seven members of the cast were unavailable to sit on the designated day. So I was asked to “spookify” their portraits from the Spring show. After a herculean effort I went to bed in disgust to sleep on it – diving back into it this morning. The six below take the at least not unflattering shots from the Spring and play around with the lighting a bit – with varying degrees of success in the apookiness department. At least they fit in now. Slightly spookified. The intro shot is different – Will’s shot proved more difficult so I zoomed in on a rehearsal shot, interpolated the crap out of it, and worked this up. It’s definitely a tad creepy, right in line with the character he plays in the production.

Added to the rest of the program shots to the Silver Scream Rehearsal folio HERE