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Silver Scream – these were fun to work up

Oct 26, 2022

These from a rehearsal spent working on the munitae, both on stage and my working out the details of just how to shoot the final dress rehearsal coming up. This is a much faster moving show than any before it. The intro shot shows the Watson sisters, Áine and Máire, seeming to float across the stage. It’s a short but quite effective scene – actually they’re sort of skipping. I just managed to catch them in the air – even spookier. These young ladies are getting a taste for the stage early.

The shot below is something of an extreme effort. It is a major crop from the drastically underexposed background – stage lights weren’t hitting them at this point. The only recourse was to convert “noise” into old fashioned Tri-X at 800 type grain for effect. That’s JimmyO rehearsing his role as The Count, with Stephanie as his “favorite” among his “wives” as (I assume) an Elvira character.

Added to the growing Silver Scream Rehearsals folio HERE

p.s. There will be only four performances – this Friday and Saturday and next Friday and Saturday at the Milburn Stone Theater, Cecil College. This is the one must-see event this Halloween season.