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Will is Back and Even script-held rehearsals are great

Oct 2, 2022

Will Conway who, disguised as a band violinist, has a habit of morphing into something between Caliban and a mischievous puppy on stage. In the last show “seemed to” interrupt the show by stealing Moxie’s skates, Jes’s Sword and April’s veil (his dance was not a success). I can’t wait to see what trouble he gets ino this time. 

Then here’s some of my favorite shots from the mid-September script-in-hand rehearsal – I have a lot to go through from the final rehearsal of the month:

Looks like everyone wants the favor of the head honcho, or undead…

The next three were shot almost in sequence – even reading script while performing, this scene is great…

Added to the Silver Scream rehearsal folio HERE

The final September rehearsal left me with a lot to look at. Lilli helped out a little by selecting 15 to work up – I have a list almost as long. Here’s hoping I can trim that down a tad.