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Will knows that the Lady in the back row wants to see the emotion…

Oct 12, 2022

I got way behind over the last week – and on top of that had to add in another First Friday, the Hofla at the Opera House and even a few minutes at the Pride Festival to the backlog. Lots o’ hours at the computer coming up. Lilli with Rogue Swan is helping out by making some selections – one of the more time consuming tasks, comparing and choosing exposures to work up. I started with these three of Will she tagged – which had Nan and myself having fun writing captions like… “Come on Will, put some emotion into it.” etc.

Will is definitely stepping our some from his roll as mild mannered violin in the band. Silver Scream promises to be the one event this Fall worth seeing. Halloween is a Rogue Swan specialty – and their Halloween event is always phenomenal. This one is at the Milburn Stone Theater – tickets available on line now.

Added to the Silver Scream rehearsal folio HERE… 

Gonna try and do up some of the Hafla images mixed in with the work on these – the last First Friday of the year will be a little slow coming.