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Black Lagoon and Even a Man

Nov 28, 2022

Back to work on. the “Rogue Swan Enters the Silver Scream” performance. As good as dress rehearsal is for getting up=close and timely shots, the actual performance can create its opportunities too. I have five shots from the Black Lagoon number and three from Even a Man to add to the folio HERE…. I’m doing my best to finish with these by the end of the year.

Even a Man, which actually comes after Black Lagoon, features L.H. James. Both of these came just prior to the intro image:

Black Lagoon spoofs beach parties where a monster emerges to disrupt the dancing. At the end Caleb and Jesse temporarily free him from his “mask”.

Added to the folio HERE… where all are shown full size (and downloadable).

Note: on YouTube you can see videos of numbers from an earlier performance of Silver Scream, slong with clips from the older movieHERE