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"I am Kong" and other Precious Moments

Nov 4, 2022

With tonignt being the next to last performance, I’m rushing to get more of these out. There’s a lot, and after tomorrow night I will be doing a couple a day for a while, catching up on other stuff like the last First Friday, etc. It’s not so bad being overworked if it’s doing something you love to do. The title image is L.H. James as Kong. Last posting I posted an image catching his “tribe” mid jump.

Daughters of Kong – not really. James two daughters here make for a fleeting moment in the show. With a stage a melee of characters and monsters chasing and being chased, the two creepy sisters calmly, obliviously, dance across the stage and off the other end – without getting trampled:

The Swamp Monster emerge to frighten Dane, among others:

Bates Motel, with he/she believes is Moxie behing the curtain:

And Jesse and Caleb rescuing April from the soup:

• I’m wondering how much of a compliment it would be to tell the two of them that they are really good at playing a couple of dufuses…

• And it’s interesting to see the original author, who plays The Count here, react to the b&w images of a performance depicting being trapped in a b&w horror flick by wondering how to manage to perform it live that way.

Added th to the folio HERE

Equipment Update: looks like I’m gong to be updating my long overworked Fuji X-t3 cameras with the new X-t5 for Christmas. I passed on the X-t4 when it came out – it simply evolved in the wrong direction for me so I decided to cross my fingers and wait. No idiotic flip-out screen for me – love my flip-up screen. Glad I waited. While I prefer to use lenses with built in stabilization, the new in-body IBIS will let me take my long neglected, decades old, Canon 500mm mirror lens out and give it a try on a stabilized camera body – at close to 750mm equivalent focal length, combined with the camera having auto-bird, etc. focus, this could be a lot of fun. Not to mention all of the other improvements and updates. Nan will wrap it and set the tree up as soon as it comes – and make me watch it lying there for up to a month.