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Into the Scream – and notes

Nov 12, 2022

While I’m finally going to have an opportunity to catch up on First Fridays and other postings, I’m also faced with eighteen to twenty postings from the Silver Scream performance that I didn’t expect to have. Thise will consist of a handful of my favorite (and probably Lilli’s favorite) exposures. This production was not the usual Rogue Swan event – a more vaudeville thing. Covering this was much more demanding, and requires more images. Granted the lighting “technician” helped cut down the number of usable exposures with his dufus antics, but I’m managing to salvage more than I expected (more work – just what I need).

The show’s intro number was Into the Scream – with our heroes drawn chaotically into a conglomerate b&w horror flick, where each character references one of the vintage monsters/films. The intro shot here fits last in the sequence – but since rehearsals began, it has been one of my favorite moments. The Count’s vampire wives and Renfield.

Below, beginning with our three protagonists arriving at the theater, are a few of the moments leading up to the intro shot:

Two exposures showing Caleb and then Moxie chaotically surrounded by the undead. Nice touch in the first one is the “prom queen” in the background.

Here Moxie wields her flashlight while Renfield (Will) fiddles his way across the stage…

Caleb and Jesse are confronted by the three vampire wives of The Count

As the Count enters he tries to control Caleb and Jesse – here thy pretend to go along with it, at first…

Added to the Performance folio HERE

A cautionary note: when shooting with two camera-lens combinations it is wise to make sure the cameras are time/date synced so that the exposures can later be mixed, retaining order of exposure. And yes, after a few months, they do, inexplicably, get off. This time by over a minute and a half – and dummy me forgot to sync them. Not a disaster, but certainly slowed sorting down. How? Simply open both menus, correct the time, and hit the set buttons simultaneously. I also, since they are the same model camera, alter one letter in the file lettering on one of the cameras so I can keep them straight.