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Silver Scream – Cast Portrait and last minute change of plan

Nov 9, 2022

I was called to show up at the final performance to shoot video – good thing I showed up with a backup. It seems they had solved the video issue and wanted me to now shoot the cast photo and show stills from the back (I almost did not bring my trusty Fuji 40-150 f2.8). Vantage point was a little awkward – I had to swing back and forth between two cameras, with different lenses mounted in order to manage. I felt like an acrobat. Plus looking that far down on the stage is a little awkward – it is what it is.

From first dress rehearsals through the first and then last performance lighting was questionable at best. I’ve shot a rehearsal at Milburn Stone once before, and lighting was excellent – so obviously the problem wasn’t capability. They threw a light on for the cast photo that was harsh and overly bright, as if there was no more control. So much for wanting to begin low key. Later during the performance, the spotlight (about half the time misplaced) was so bright that the best that I could do was shoot in-between, hoping the raw files could bring in the extremes. But the range was often far too much for even my raw files. Incompetence, lack of effort, attitude – who knows. Fortunately the show was so good that the audience could, and did, overlook lighting issues – and the eye is a lot more forgiving than the camera.

The cast photo is a little different this time in that it includes the band – great idea. One thing that is the same is that, per Katie, there are three versions: a straight serious shot, a somewhat normal smiling shot and the traditional Rogue Swan goofy version. This is that one – for this performance I can’t see much need for anything else. This is one fine group of people. Nan and I see ourselves as fortunate to be able to contribute to their efforts.

With this image I’m beginning a Performance folio for this show – though it might take a while to fill it – HEREThe rehearsals folio can be accessed from there also.