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Silver Scream – Final pre-final Performance Images

Nov 5, 2022

There will be more images from this mini-project to include in the folio. Entries will at least be noted in the Blog, even if not posted. Tonight I’m doing the video from the balcony – no actual performance images this time around. Heck, the balcony looks down on the stage – hardly conducive. As I complete the folio, I’ll work on arranging, and noting, dress rehearsal images according to song list on the program. As well, I’ll work on identifying subjects.

We believe that the intro image is from “Even a Man”. Not having a program in my hands and shooting the actual performance has left me a tad in the dark. I will confirm when I get a chance. This these too are posted without much in note:

Included in the folio HERE… out of order and without sound notes at this point.