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Silver Scream – Testing the Limits of Exposure

Nov 1, 2022

The three images in this posting were all shot two full stops underexposed at iso 12,800. That’s an effective exposure of iso 51,200 – kind of insane. But this was a dress rehearsal and the lighting was not yet ready for prime-time (an understatement). Camera generated jpegs were so bad that I had to explain to Lilli to not to pay any attention to their appearance of lack of potential – a little hard work and voila.

This happened with about a full third of the exposures. However, with these three the results were weird, even more haunting than they would have otherwise been. Smoothing out noise/grain, limiting detail, can sometimes have odd effects. The intro shot, Time to Hyde, looks almost three dimensional – and if you look close, L.H. James' eyes are creepily unnatural.

Next JimmyO Burl is The Count. Again, his expression thakes on a demented nature after the considerable noise of extreme iso is subdued. My next camera will at least process the raw files to 51,200, making for some improvement.

Finally the exposure that really creeps me out – Moxie has been absorbed by the Silver Scream and Caleb is trying to rescue her. Even her proportions look unreal. A good family mantle shot if I ever saw one…

Attempting to add the images from the final dress rehearsals to the Silver Scream folio in order of song/action HERE

Ps. If anyone is interested in my system for processing high iso exposures, just ask. I have no problem with sharing what little I do know. Be warned – color images results are complicated by the fact that color noise is a second complication that b&w is not susceptible to.