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"Babysitter Blues" – Choreographed Chaos

Dec 13, 2022

Images are entered here below in order of performance – the intro shot comes second to last, which is where it is in the folio. This set actually begins with the “Chainsaw” number, which then morphs into “Babysitter Blues” – the rousing, weird, funny climactic number. So much going on, what I call choreographed chaos. One or two smaller postings and this year’s Halloween show, Rogue Swan Enters the Silver Scream folio will be finished – yay, before Christmas.

Going for full-stage exposures with so much going on makes for a lot of fast motion – especially in this show. With the dark stages that Rogue uses, I find 1/250 of a second to hang right on the edge between being enough speed and not enough. But since I’m shooting wide open at f2.8 on one lens and f4 on the other, that leaves iso ranging from a low of 6400 and a high of 51,200 for their performances. This show most were 12,800, but the full range was realized. The f2.8 for the most part worked because I was shooting from the last row back – with my (costing more than the camera and weighing in at far too much for all that swinging around) favorite Fuji lens, the 50-140 (75 to 205 equivalent). I’ve replaced one of my X-t3 bodies with the new X-t5 – which will be nice when the software I use manages to update for opening the new RAW file format. Arrrrgh. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with the 40 megapixels. 

Naturally they are all full size in the folio HERE