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Finale, Children of the Night and Bows – Exit the Silver Scream

Dec 17, 2022

Halloween is over, Christmas is almost upon us. Catching up on these was an effort – large posting today. The intro shot is JimmyO Burril, one of the authors of the original work, as “The Count”. Below, in something of order, are full staage images from the finale – then two more from JimmyO’s rendering of “Children of the Night” – and then presentation of the band & final bows. Altogether it was one memorable performance. Fortunately any lighting issues that made my last few weeks a living Hades working these up play more havoc with the camera than the human eye.


Children of the Night:

Introducing the Band & Bows:

These complete the performance folio HERE all full size.

There may be a few rehearsal images to catch up on – sometime in January.

Low light photography plays a little rough with resolution – I’m looking forward to moving from 26 to 40 megapixels on the main camera.