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Finally adding October to First Friday folio – 1 of 2

Dec 28, 2022

It’s been a busy end of the year. This is the first of two postings of images from First Friday in October. Just a few street shots I found interesting to take. The smiling young lady in the intro cast a glow even standing in the sun. The outfit reminded us of some of the summer streetwear in Hanga Roa. The nest two subjects – well, I just don’t know and didn’t ask. Cool though.

I grabbed this shot as the young girl with the icecream cone spotted me pointing a camera at her…

One of the busy food trucks lined up – I’m still trying to figure out what “CRABBY CHICKEN” is…

Added to the front of the First Fridays folio HERE Next, I hope to finish out the year with the drum-circle images – then to create the 2022 pdf.