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Back working on the final Easter Island book – the ladies throw the spear

Feb 18, 2022

I would like to say that I am almost there, since the book file is formatted and most of the images are placed. I can use last minute images to head updates here. But three very difficult chores remain.  Fine-tuning is tricky. This involves placement of every image and block of text, sizing, arrangement of pages, order, the icon index in the back, etc. then there’s the daunting chore of composing text, at the same time getting all the names and info that I can. And then there is editing, correcting and all that that involves. I’ve set myself a deadline of being able to create the pdf version and order a couple of print versions by the end of March at the latest.

Yesterday I was working on the Tapati section and realized my two spear throwing images needed something complimentary on the facing page. A perfect opportunity to include the three images from 2008 gracing this posting. A tad on the small size, a couple of them won’t tolerate much enlargement, they capture the spirit of the event. Note the grimaces of determination on the faces of the Tapati Queen contestants.

The funnest part, possibly because they were provided with spears without flint points attached, was that after a few tries, and no-one coming close to hitting the banana stalk target, they moved the throwing line a couple of feet closer. A little while later, they moved it even closer. Finally, with everyone sharing in the humor of the situation, the throwing line was moved to about the half-way point. Someone, I don’t remember who, nicked the stalk with their spear and a winner was declared. A good time was had by all.

The opening shot is of Marahi Lopez Atan. These were all wider horizontals, but I cropped them to focus in on the expressions. The next two are Lucy Haoa Tuki and Viviana Tuki Pate. Lucy would go on to win the title of Tapati Queen.

Added to the Easter Island folio HERE and the Tapati Rapanui folio HERE