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Finished re-do of R.S. Vaudeville Cabaret folio…

Feb 10, 2022

Lots of images here – finishing up applying new technology and work-flow to the exposures from Rogue Swan’s Vaudeville Cabaret at the Opera House in 2018. Their first major production. The original versions succumbed to the noise created by exposures ranging from iso 3200 through iso 12,800. Dark stage lighting plus the need for fast shutter speeds mandated this. Images wound up with the usual, from this, grain, lack of detail and inability to do much in the way of sharpening, etc. because that just made things that much worse. Any prints from these exposures were pretty much limited in potential size.

Print files have been redone, as well as the jpegs for the folio. They are all full size in the folio HERE… The opening shot

I still need to do a little work on some of the images in the Early Rogue Swan at the Artists Emporium images. Then on to any from Last Call and Strange Case that scream for a re-do. Results were about half way to where I am now with the process – using a double-raw work-flow BUT with a different and not as effective first RAW converter. While many will merit new-from-scratch print files, most web jpegs are fine.