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How did I miss putting this in the Island folio…

Feb 25, 2022

How did I miss putting this in the Island folio? Nan took this exposure of me while I was patiently waiting for the sun to drop a bit more for the image posted a little earlier here – shown below (and on page 4 of the third Island folio):

Nan made a number of exposures of me at work. She carried her point-and-shoot everywhere, looking for painting ideas. Sometimes these involve a little more work, like with this one, and less control, because she does not like bothering to shoot raw. But hey, it’s a good shot – and although I do the “work” involved in milking a b&w image out of it, if it’s her exposure, she “supervises", making the decisions and choices.

It has been used before, on the back of the jacket that comes on the original The Moon has been Eaten. And because of that I did think to add it to the pdf version. Then somehow I completely neglected to include it in the folio section. Now, where to put it? Hmm, since I’m actually including it in the upcoming third volume hardback, of which there will be only a very small number, I’m adding it to the third volume section of the folio – page 7 HERE… and in the upcoming pdf version (when that comes out I will re-arrange the folio to match the sequence).

I’m to the stage on this book file, using Affinity Publisher again, where images are being shuffled and arranged in something of a rational order. This is trickier this time around because so much of this is piecemeal extension to the other volumes. Two-page spreads have to open together, for example. All this leaves gaps that need to be appropriately filled (or on occasion minor eliminations). When all this is finished, I’ll tackle the daunting tasks of fine-tooth positioning and text – I can work on those at the same time. Finally the file will have to be dublicated so one copy can be tweeked for exporting the pdf version and the other set for creating the pages to upload for the actual book order – they keep changing how that is done – looks like this time around each page will be exported and separately applied via the internet onto the corresponding page in the printer's template.