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Rogue – in the Beginning…

Feb 14, 2022

Before I begin – Rogue will be performing at the Opera House again, finally, April 8 and 9 (three performances). Tickets are available on line (link att he bottom). These are strange times, and we’re as hesitant about braving crowds as anyone. Since the last COVID booster asked for five months to have elapsed, by my calculations there just could be another released by the end of March. We’ll see about that, and where the pandemic is at that point. I’m planning to be at my post in the back with my cameras, with Nan seated in front of me – never a fear of a tall head in the way with her.

With the Rogue Swan folio updates I’ve worked somewhat backwards. This posting finishes up with the early free-to-the-public performances at the Artists Emporium Gallery in town. As well as applying some improved work flow to the images that were already part of the folio, I have added a few that I now appreciate. This group of images represents the beginning to what is becoming the story of Rogue Swan.

The opening image is most of the troop in the finale number. The rest below:

April Monique • Marion Jackson (Moxie)

L.H. James • Katie Gordon

Jesse Hutchinson • Caleb Gordon

Tara Vin

Tara • Katie being Katie

• "Suddenly Seymour"

Link to Early Rogue Swan at the Emporium folio where they are all full size, etc.

Link for Rogue Tickets on the Opera House.