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Emily and Martina – Moonshine Hafla Mardi Gras Edition at the State Theater 3

Mar 15, 2022

Emily Gonzaga and Martina Desiree are two more of the dance performers at the “Moonshine Hafla Mardi Gras Edition" at the State Theater. The black background came in quite handy for b&w. Lots of different styles, types of dance – including of course bellydance. Admittedly, the girls are primarily interested in the color exposures (which I give then full access to), but I always like to see what I can do with the b&w. Unlike some of the performers, both these girls had to be photographed in solid red light – it changes from blue to red, green, purple, etc. Hey, you work with what you have – but I do wish I could convince them next time to have the colors change at a faster rate. Better yet, never have less than two light colors illuminating the stage at any one time. First Emily


Added to the Hafla folio HERE… all full size. (dancers welcome to download and use at will). Next Hafla will be at the Opera House later this year. Colored lights change a little faster, but the background curtain is rather light – makes for very different results.