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First Rehearsals are Tough…

Mar 1, 2022

First rehearsals are tough, but fun to watch. I've worked up a couple of shots from the first two rehearsals for Rogue Swan’s April performances of The Next Chapter Unfolds at the Opera House – get your tickets! I’ll try to keep up with these, all that is going on this spring in town and finish up with the final Easter Island book – all at the same time. Good thing I have Nan to sit in and help with all the sorting and selecting of exposures.

Just some early group rehearsal shots for the first of many Rogue postings. Watching a song-and-dance routine come together from first instructions to some semblance of coordination is interesting – makes me grateful I’m on my side of the camera. I’ve already putting together more postings concentrating on individuals in the troupe. The opening image is just Katie explaining some choreography.

Next, I’m not sure what was going on – I just like the justapositioning:

Rehearsing synced dance steps:

Finally, rehearsing a somber moment in the show, Katie told everyone, for the first time, to put on their most serious face – my favorite group shot of the day:

These begin a new set of Rogue Swan Images HERE full size, downloadable, etc. I’ll try to cover as many of the rehearsals as I can – then two of the performances. Havre de Grace rocks with its own Vaudeville troupe. This promises to be another great show…