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Havre de Grace's own April Monique – Moonshine Hafla Mardi Gras Edition at the State Theater (5)

Mar 17, 2022

Well April posted a spread of the color jpegs from her performance, so I figure I ought to get to my b&w selection next. She lucked into some decent lighting on stage, though a couple of these were shot as she prepared to descend the stairs over on the dark corner. The problem is that I already have a number of great shots of April in the folio – so and new inclusions have to complement them. I love the intro shot, it’s how she launched her performance. Quite effective. And April, more than anyone I’ve seen lately, matches body movement to the beat of the music in a way that makes you feel as well as see the performance – she holds your attention.

The next shot was part of her intital performance:

The next two shots were shot, almost blind, as she stood in the darkest corner of the stage, light barely on her, as she worked her way to come down the stairs to the front section. Two of my favorite Hafla shots:

Added to the Hafla folio HERE… all full size. (dancers welcome to download and use at will).