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It's Just a Chair – First of a run of Rogue Rehearsal Catch-up Images

Mar 14, 2022

Rogue Swan will be performing at the Opera House – The Next Chapter Unfolds – April 8 & 9. This should be great. This is the first of a string of postings where I catch up on rehearsal images that I had to let pile up. Today, more of what can be done on, under, around and with a simple wooden chair. A number of these include Katie Gordon, leader of the pack. She doesn’t ask the troupe to do anything she can’t do… In the intro shot she, to everyone’s delight, is assisting Bre into position.

Below two of Katie setting up poses – most of which are very transient, showing how much work can go into split-second choreographed moments. Fascinating to watch…

Katie and April…

Jess Langley – this was her first run at this move…

I’m amazed at how much smoother things begin to run as rehearsals progress. These have been added to the Rogue Swan folio page for Next Chapter Rehearsals HERE full size, downloadable, etc. Since the coverage for this show is progressing more like it did for Strange Case, I’ll likely have to do the same thing here – in the end trim down the folio to my favorites and provide a link to a full pdf book version.