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Kalayla, Lorelei and Jo Wall (Bam Bam)– Moonshine Hafla Mardi Gras Edition at the State Theater (6)

Mar 18, 2022

Three more from the recent Moonshine Hafla Mardi Gras Edition at the State Theater. Perfor,ance photography can be an exercise in handling the limitations of shifting, colored lighting. I’m grouping these three together because of how I needed to treat the lighting – pink. Predominately pink lighting washes out flesh tones, making it impossible to bring out any nuance other than shadow and light. So I concentrated on everything else, taking what advantage I could of the alabaster or porcelain effect on thee skin this creates. Here are, in order, Kalayla, Lorelei and Jo Wall (Bam Bam).

I managed t get four out of the exposures of Kalayla to add to previous images in the Hafla folio, counting the intro shot…

This final Kalayla image is a little different in that I caught her looking more serious, eyes off to the side. But I really like her face in this one:

Two poses of Lorelei

And one of Bam Bam, who had almost a spellbinding way of moving – yet the camera kept catching similar poses. Without the hair or skirt, etc. to accentuate movement, I might have slowed the shutter some to get a little motion blur that way…

I mention poses, yet all of these exposures involved pretty fast movement on the part of the performer – the hair is the tell. Added to the Hafla folio HERE… all full size. (dancers welcome to download and use at will).