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Naimah and Finale Gathering – Moonshine Hafla Mardi Gras Edition at the State Theater (7)

Mar 19, 2022

Naimah wound up in hard blue lighting. This tends to lay harsh line shadows, seeming randomly but probably according the light edges, across the subject. But at least there are pretty good flesh tones when converting to b&w. Lots of shadow edge fixing though. I came away with four images that I like:

At the finale, the intro image, they all came out in front of the stage and danced around. All I could do, from my perch way in the back, was hold camera and heavy lens up over my head, aim and shoot a bunch. After much debate, this is the one Nan and I selected – none, of course, had everyone facing the camera, eyes open, great facial expressions, etc. But it’s stoll kind of cool:

Added to the Hafla folio HERE… all full size. (dancers welcome to download and use at will).