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Rogue Ladies – #2

Mar 24, 2022

Continuing with less candid photos of the cast of Rogue Swan’s upcoming “The Next Chapter Unfolds” at the Opera House in April. The intor image is Moxie (Marion Jackson). She will be dressed similar to sing “Mein Herr”, very demonstrably. It’s gonna be a memorable moment in the show.

Next, April Monique (Burril). We’re used to seeing April dressed like this from some of her bellydance performances. Here she’s downroght elegant…

Finally today, Lilli Burril. You won’t see her on stage quite as much as some, but her hands are also on every single performance. Behind the scenes she seems to manage everything, along with assisting with choreography, recording rehearsals, keeping everyone up to date on schedules and more etceteras than I can count. As she sat down for her picture, she folded her arms and gave me the look – it’s so Lilli…

Again – I won’t put this the way JimmyO phrased it so eloquently on FaceBook, but get your darn tickets, Rogue performances are always great. I photograph them and see the show full throiugh twice – and Nan get a ticket to both of those so she can too. She enjoys the second performance as much as, if not more than, the first. https://hdgoperahouse.org/event/rogue-swan-presents-the-next-chapter-unfolds/

Added to the Rogue Swan folio page for Next Chapter Rehearsals HERE full size, downloadable, etc.