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Rogue Ladies #1

Mar 23, 2022

It was time to take a series of quick head shots for the little monochrome cast circles in the program for the upcoming Rogue Swan show at the Opera House The Next Chapter Unfolds. This time they dressed up some, set up a nice backdrop, and the lighting was fair – so I stepped back a little and took a series of exposures more akin to portraits. Rogue has the color, and I’m sure will use them closer to the show. I’m doing up full b&w versions, of course. Three are down, Katie Jess Langley and Bre. At the same time I caught a few, in the dark of the garage studio, band shots. Working on them also. The intro shot is Katie Gordon, singer, dancer, choreographer, etc.

Next, Jess Langley – I told her that lipstick would be visible in the last row. She said “good”. I still haven’t figured out why she sometimes shows up with sword and up to three knives in her outfit. These outfits definitely scream vaudeville…

Bre – Breonna Joi Lewis is so expressive. At one point inside I held the shutter down for each of the girls singing, for maybe 20 or more exposures. the norm happened for everyone else, destroy 95% for awkwardness and keep the couple left. With Bre, as usual, it was the other way around. Makes for some very difficult choices though. I love the outfit here…

I won’t put this the way JimmyO phrased it so eloquently on FaceBook, but get your darn tickets, Rogue performances are always great. I photograph them and see the show full throiugh twice – and Nan gets a ticket to both of those so she can too. She enjoys the second performance as much as, if not more than, the first. https://hdgoperahouse.org/event/rogue-swan-presents-the-next-chapter-unfolds/

Added to the Rogue Swan folio page for Next Chapter Rehearsals HERE full size, downloadable, etc.