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Time to Expose the Band

Mar 27, 2022

Starting this off with something of the impossible shot. In his rehearsal garage, JimmyO isolated himself way in the back of that far too dark room behind a glass barrier. It wasn’t easy, but I steadied the camera on the glass, estimated the focus (auto was useless) and waited – with that heavy lens I thought my arm was going to fall off before I got something. Ta da, turned out he had to hit the chimes with his drumstick. Cool.

The second shot is of Natasha Herlinger – she plays a variety of wind instruments (below with Jeremy and Alex). So it’s next to impossible to get a good shot while she is playing. Fortunately Rogue had her sit for one of the more formal shots.

Josh Hutchinson on Guitar – It was tough to decide on his, opting for the more serious look. And Will Conway on violin. He also posed for a formal thing, but for the b&w this rehearsal image works much better.

Finally, Natasha, Jeremy and Alex rehearsing Get Back by the Beatles – Jeremy on vocals and guitar. They were on the far side of an incredibly dark garage (it semed to be kit by nothing but strings of christmas lights). A lot of movement on Jeremy’s part; thus a fast shutter speed, shallow depth of field and an untold number of exposures. More extreme iso work, precious. 

Rogue performances are always great. I photograph them, seeing the show full throiugh twice – and Nan gets a ticket to both of those so she can too. She enjoys the second performance as much as, if not more than, the first. https://hdgoperahouse.org/event/rogue-swan-presents-the-next-chapter-unfolds/

Added to the Rogue Swan folio page for Next Chapter Rehearsals HERE full size, downloadable, etc.