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Two Sides of Jess and Moxie on her Chair

Mar 5, 2022

Looking at two more of the girls rehearsing for Rogue Swan’s upcoming “The Next Chapter Unfolds” at the Opera House in April. The opening shot is Moxie (Marion Jackson) perched atop what will be a center-stage chair, singing and dancing a number – surrounded by a number of other dancers putting chairs through things I’m sure they (the chairs) never imagined. First, below, three images showing the soft, and not so soft, sides of Jess Langley rehearsing for her role:

Here’s three more of Moxie on her chair – at one point she does a nifty little flip thing with the hatm but this rehearsal was in a pretty small space, and I’m still not adjusted to the show’s timing, so I keep missing it:

Added to the new Rogue Swan folio page HERE full size, downloadable, etc.