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"Get Back" – from an awkwardly lit exposure from Rogue's "Next Chapter" at the Opera House

Apr 25, 2022

This is the exposure I liked the most from Jeremy, backed up by Josh and Alex (along with some keyboard from Scott and sax from Natasha), singing the Beatles’ “Get Back”. The whole top half was lit with orange light, the bottom half enough of a mixture of light to not have all that much in the way of difficulty here. The lighter section leaking through on the right was thanks to the small music lights. The color exposure looked like it might have been make in a rainbow.

This took a little work. the primary difficulty was what to do about the orange light – reduce it and the curtains, along with aspects of the faces, would turn white and textureless. Increase it and the background went black. Leave it and those three slightly lit spots on the curtains took on an ugly solarized look. When I finally worked it out to this point, there was still one problem – Jeremy’s blond wood guitar truned black in the process. I had to produce a second file with the orange light blocked, align it under the primary file and erase over the guitar.

Included in the folio file – sticking to performance order – HERE