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Rogue's Candyman

Apr 17, 2022

Rogue likes to include what I believe is called “boogie woogie” numbers in many of their shows. This time it was Bre, April and Katie singing “Candyman". Interestingly they had Nate chiming in a couple of times and Scott on trombone off to the side (along with the regular band). The image I chose to work up shows both Nate and Scott – with the ladies really shaking it up. I love this one.

I only had time to complete one this holiday weekend. I’m going to try and group these according to numbers in the show – with varying numbers of images. I’ve begun work on two from “ Bistro Fada”, April Monique’s dance number, pulling an image out of almost solid red lighting. A little challenging.

I’ve added this one to the Rogue folio HERE… Instead of placing new entries into the folio in front, or at the end, I’m trying to keep them in something of the same order they came in the show.