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Ballroom Blitz – good to be back working up Rogue images…

May 5, 2022

Ballroom Blitz. Moxie, April and Katie were joined by Scott in this one – I did catch him in the second of the three images here. As much as Rogue performers move around on stage, there is a little hit and miss with exposures. I used one of Nan’s full stage exposures, cropped, for this second image (she enjoys the show while holding a remote, clicking away on full stage shots from my tripod mounted second camera). I’m including the third simply because I like the unity of expressions.

The delay in returning to these followed the arrival (finally) of my new Mac Studio – and the time consuming, and not so pleasant, complications that arose from the transfer. Apple switched to their own processors, making for some precious snafus. As I write this I just got off the phone after a couple of hours working with Carbonite (my cloud backup) due to the fact that the version I was using was suddenly in conflict with my on-site Time-Machine backup. The fun never ends.

Anyway, with the Rogue performance images, I’m trying to do them according to the show numbers. Act I is coming along – with some of the more formal number images out of the way. I can have a little more fun with the next couple of groupings.

Atted to the Rogue “The Next Chapter Unfolds” folio HERE