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"Could've Been Me" – rockin' it…

May 23, 2022

Wow, that was a rockin' number. “Could’ve Been Me” sung by Moxie (Marion Jackson) featuring some fancy guitar work from Jeremy Hicks-Kachik. Josh and Alex are shown in the shots here, but pretty much the whole band participated in this number. I wanted to get a telling shot of the two of them playing off one another – and wound up with three that I simply couldn’t decide from. Each was in a different color light – blue, pink and orange. That made life a little more interesting.I don’t know about anyone else, but with some of the numbers that Rogue uses in their shows, songs from seemingly anywhere and any time, I have to Google them and listen to/watch a popular version. Numbers like this one, I’ve never heard before. And this way I get a better understanding of how they fit into the plot.

The final image, a solo of Moxie beling it out, was a little more of a challenge. Moxie had a tad of non-red light on her, but everything else was in pure, strong red light. So any normal treatment of Moxie, left her surrounded by the closest thing to a mud background one could imagine. I had to separate them and treat them very differently – only to bring them back together.

Added inorder to the Next Chapter folio HERE