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"I'll Rust with You" and Nate on Base

May 10, 2022

A couple of images from the “I’ll Rust with You” number. Caleb and Moxie are helping Alex with his image… One more posting for Act I, I’ve begun working them up. Even though these will keep my busy for a while, I want to take some time to get back to some of my b&w scenics. So far this year I’ve produced nothing mew in that arena other than my Frank’s Pond sunning turtles shot in RiverView Gallery right now (its sold two so maybe it is as good as I thought) and another town snow scene (like anyone wants to look at that right now).

I did manage to catch some good lighting on Caleb:

I try to keep an eye open for a veiw of band members in the background, zooming in to catch a moment. Nate doing his thing:

These four added to the folio collection for “Next Chapter” HERE