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"Mein Herr" – Sept d'un coup…

May 31, 2022

The rest of the “Mein Herr – one man at a time” shots arevery wide. There was a lot going on across the stage. Sometimes this makes it difficult to depict much detail, but the overall effect was what was important. The fact that all was bathed in heavy red light, something hardly noticeable to the eye, made for some “precious” workflow issues. The series of images show how the backroung troop altered their positions to go with Moxie’s very spirited rendition. Instead of picking one for the intro, I’m simply putting them in order they appeared in the number – except for the last one.

The final shot here was taken by Nan via the camera I set up on a tripod, prefocused for full-stage, where she had a release to press whenever she thought a full view would help. In this one Scott is at the keyboard on one side of the stage, and you can even see JimmyO’s face behind his drums on the other.

I added all of them on page 4 of the “Next Chapter” folio HEREwhere they show up a little better and are downloadable.