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Red Right Hand, Scott as MC and Strings w/Keyboard

May 28, 2022

“Red Right Hand” – another number I had to Google (after my time) is performed by Katie and April, along with Lilli, much of it on the far, rather dark wing. I like how you can just make out JimmyO’s facd back there on drums. On the opposite wing of the stage I cought Caeb on keyboard with Tom and Will on strings. It’s cool when you can grab decent exposures of segments of the band. Scott us usually the one on keyboard, but the final shot is Scott acting as MC – evidently he’s recovered from his confrontation with veil-dancing Will.

Six numbers from the show to go, then I can organize them into something similar to the last Halloween show booklet. These have been added inorder to the Next Chapter folio, in order of happening  HERE… I’ve already begun working on “The Hell of it” featuring Brian, and the very important, and dauntingly difficult, “Mein Herr” – it was performed in solid red light. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!