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"Smooth Criminal" – the torturous five…

May 17, 2022

Nan’s got to be getting tired of my moaning through the torture of eking something approaching full tonal range images out of the low light, red lit images that always see to come up. That was these five (ok, the first one below was a splotchy combo of red and green, precious). “Smooth Criminal”– a Michael Jackson number – was an important part of the show, and scenically rich. The shifting color lighting, something the eye doesn’t pay that much attention to, might actually comtribute something to the show. But the camera can only see what it sees in that 1/250th of a second interval. I had to select a full 24 for to start working up – it’s almost impossible to see enough in the red jpegs to make rational decisions. After the initial conversion to b&w, I got that down to 8. These are the five I feel come closest to working – if Rogue wants to select a couple of others to try, I’ll be happy to ablige.

The final two were came from full-stage shots grabbed by Nan with a remote connected to my second camera on a tripod…

Added, in order numbers appeared in show, to the “Next Chapter” folio HERE Fortunately the next couple of numbers were blessed with less in the way of single wave-length lighting. And images of Bre are always a pleasure to work on.