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"The Hell of It"

May 28, 2022

“The Hell of It” was Brian’s villainous solo, the villain of the story strutting his stuff. And Brian really knows how to get into a part. When he played Igor in a production of Young Frankenstein, I absolutely could not tell it was him – even though we went in there knowing it.  The first two images here are similar, back to back exposures of the little shuggle he does. The last is a somewhat more aggressive moment.

There might be a couple of days break here – next up is “Mein Herr”, a major number that was performed in pure red light. I have some real work to do on these – Nan will be able to testify to the whining. The “Hell of It” images have been added inorder to the Next Chapter folio, in order of happening  HERE…, taking it to the fourth page.