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Welcome to Mystery – some opening shots

May 6, 2022

I realize that I ought to be working up the great stuff from the second act by now, but I’ll get there. The iMac is all but gone – all I have to do now is clear it, box it and sell it. Everything is on a fully functioning, with a couple of work-arounds, on a new Mac Studio. 

The intro number for the show was “Welcome to Mystery”, sung by the troupe while the audience viewed a cacaphony of activity on stage. These are a few of the shots I took from that. I snapped the first shot, above, of whatever was going on over in the far corner of the stage. Through the camera I couldn’t see much of the detail here at all – it were dark. A few more grabs below, at the end showing Moxie, roller skates and all, Caleb and Katie come forward to bring the number to an end:

It is fascinating to watch scenes like this gradually take shape in rehearsal. These have been added, in event order, to the “Next Chapter” folio HERE, where they come across a little larger and are easily downloadable.