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Will Strikes Again, and Again…

May 27, 2022

Not that there aren’t very humorous moments in a Rogue production anyway, but they like to add in what could be called split-second-comic-relief. Earlier I posted a short sequence showing Will Conway, who disguised as a mild mannered violin player, swiped Moxie’s skates and made off with them HERE. Later – the intro shot is second in the sequence, Will comes on stage as Scott is trying to announce April Monique in a veil dance, having swiped her veil, and manages to look not all that sexy. First and third images below – Scott then has to usher him off stage.

Personally, I would have let him dance more…

Later, having pilfered Jess Langley's sword, Will runs brandishing it across the stage. I managed to catch two exposures, but failed to grab one with Jess in chase. Fortunately, Nan sitting there with a remote clicking off full-stage views, just caught the two of them. 

Glance at the person you are sitting with, or focus on another part of the stage, and you can miss these things.

Added inorder to the Next Chapter folio, in order of happening  HERE

NOTE moving forward…

1– Rogue Swan collections, as they are completed, may/should/will be moved into pdf book format, replacing the corresponding folio. This would be separate from the pdf’s of accumulated postings.

2– Also, hopefully, June will see me able to finish the final pdf book of Easter Island images.