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A Couple of Fine Ladies – plus the Street Chess Saga Continues

Jun 14, 2022

Nan drew my attention to this young lady, live-painting in her booth. First I shot her making sure to include her very striking boots as Nan suggested, but then she looked up and I snapped this. In the end, Nan agreed that this might be better. The card we picked up says Vasia Rowson.

I’ve photographed the second young lady here before. The Bridal Salon always adds to First Friday by having one to three “brides" out front – which just has to be a rough job. This time it was only one, my favorite. I always try shoot while they are (seh is) posing for someone else, catching the angle I want – sometimes winding up with unposed portraits that look almost formal.

Then there are two more additions to the Street Chess saga. The first, which I will not caption, seems to beg for just that. Nan and I had fun speculating as to exactly what was going on. The second Street Chess image below just confused me. These two young ladies were playing chess from the sides of the board. They seemed, at least for the short time I watched, to know what they were doing. But hey, how can anyone do that. I’m a long-time chess player, and tried it, and could not orient myself.

Again, these have been added to the First Fridays folio HERE