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"Don't Stop Me Now" – finishing up with Rogue's "Next Chapter" performance…

Jun 8, 2022

This posting makes for something close to a comprehensive look at Rogue Swan’s “Next Chapter Unfolds” performance at the Opera House in April. Rogue has access to the original exposures – and there is an open invitation to designate any image not so far included that they would like me to work up in b&w to include in the upcoming PDF ebook of the performance. It will be available for free download here (sometime this summer).

This makes for about 97 images (with a possibility of a couple more), with more than 75 rehearsal shots to draw on. Not all will be used, especialy from rehearsal images – this will take some editing effort. I’m finishing up with the audience on their feet at the finish of the final number:

Added at the end of the “Next Chapter” folio HERE