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First Friday Drum Circle – some irregulars

Jun 11, 2022

Darned if I’m not going to have to make it three postings just on the Drum Circle. Here are three shots I wanted to add to the collection – the intro image being a little different. This young lady took an empty chair and proceded to sketch one of the more interesting participants. I just made sure to use a little shalow depth of field som his face would be out of focus. I’d really like to see the sketch – which, who knows, might be possible if I get a name, and she has a web site or Facebook page she posts on.

The second shot looks like a father and son trip to the Drum Circle – boys’ day out on the town (grabbed with the iPhone):

The last shot today – mom and two girls. I have individual shots of the two girls to add next time, the little one getting up to dance to the beat a little. I just didn’t have time todo them up for this posting:

As always, images are downloadable from the folios – these from the First Fridays folio HERE