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First Friday Drum Circle – Some Regulars

Jun 10, 2022

Between COVID, some rainouts late in the year prior to COVID and May’s downpours, First Fridays are feeling a little scarce. But it and the Drum Circle are back. No mater how many, or few, images I get out of a First Friday, there’s always something fun from the Drum Circle, led by Cliff Giles – the second image here. What I really like about the intro image here is that the drums reflected in the sunglasses become more of a thing the larger the image is blown up.

The drum circle is alive and always changing as the evening progresses. Ive occasionally been tempted to take a seat along, plunk it down and focus on nothing but. I’m calling this posting some "Regulars” – the next some “Irregulars”, as the kids, as always, become a big part of the scene.

This lady is the backbone of the event, making sure chairs, drums, miscelaneous percussion instruments, etc. are there and ready. I promise to get a name next month – I’ve been lax in that for far too long. The Drum Circle is possibly the most iconic, regular aspect of Havre de Grace’s First Fridays, making up a major part of the First Fridays folio.

The pair below are almost always participants, and both almost always sporting expressions of concentration as they help provide the sometimes complex beat. Again, names are too much of an afterthought with me. Sorry:

Added to the beginning of the First Fridays folio HERE